Sunday, 15 May 2011

On the Easel....New Horse Painting

I don' know why I say on the easel, it is on the coffee table, being painted at eleven at night, in appalling artificial light and the backdrop of Lady Gaga in concert on BBC Three. It was all I could do to just listen, as had I looked up too often I might have started to dance and then the painting time would be hi-jacked.

Untitled - In progress painting
copyright A Cairns,
Painting is thanks to a beautiful photo which caught my eye on Red Hot Ruby's Blog of one of her horses in a dust storm in Texas (thank you so for being kind enough to allow me to use your photo!)

She is still in progress, I need to work in a little more detail into the background so that I can come back to the foreground and work on the tail, which looks great in the photo, splaying out in the wind.

She is shaping up nicely, feeling really good, although the camera flash has been kind and tomorrows daylight may not be!


  1. Thanks Ruby! Glad you like, loving painting her!

  2. Enjoyed my visit to your blog! Beautiful painting.


  3. Hello Julie,

    I love that you came by and commented.

    Your horse Equus Sport is stunning and I am very impressed...I am crooked enough riding normally, but side saddle, now that is an achievement!

    What a treasure trove of horsey collections there are to browse with you on your blog....inspiration a plenty!