Thursday, 26 May 2011

SEA submission time and Dunlop Fayre

It is looking to be an extremely busy week ahead for me.

It is the week of the Society of Equestrian Artists submission deadline for the annual show later this Summer. This is my first year as a Friend of the SEA and I am putting the finishing touches to two paintings to submit for the show. I am excited at the opportunity but also nervous as to whether the work will be accepted but at least I will know in a few weeks as to whether it makes the first cut on the basis of the digital images I submit ....fingers crossed.

Closer to home, I have had the opportunity to show at Dunlop Town Fair on Saturday 4th June. I am completely new to the 'fair' market so am now likely to be in a flap for much of the week looking for easels, table covers, printing leaflets, framing work, and chasing down some examples that I left at Easterton and Craigengellan Stables earlier in the month. I am not sure whether to take some thing to work on while at the fair, if people like to see you 'at work'. If there are any local followers - that would be friends and family  - do come and see me!

On the riding front things are quieter. My Monday with Merlyn (spelt with a Y for luck, I now learn having spelt with an I for weeks) was off due to 100 mph gusts and heavy rain. I know my fairwether luck was due to run out.  Ah, the Scottish Summer....what's not to love?


  1. Wow, you are going to be busy! Best of luck at the Society of Equestrian Artists show and the Dunlop Town Fair. I would recommend having something to "work on" will keep your hands busy if you are stressed. :-) Have fun!

    BTW, when I toured Scotland I loved the weather. It reminded me very much of Newfoundland, rain and all. :-)

  2. will go with that recommendation and dig out some inspiring pictures!

  3. I have never been to Newfoundland, glad to know we share the rain with at least one other part of the world, I was sure it was all landing on us!! :)