Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Like watching masking fluid dry

I am indulging in a short post, pictures and minimal accopmanying wordage, while I wait for the masking fluid to dry on my painting....

I have don't have an abundance of patience for such things, so find it best to send myself away, far away, while its dries, in case I start work again while it is still tacky. I am working towards finishing a mare and foal painting this week and this one is going to be the finished piece. I paint now a little bit more slowly, a little bit more carefully than usual.

So the masking fluid drying time post is Merlyn, form our Monday catch up.

After riding, Merlyn kidding on he is tired, when the truth is my fitness failed before his.
I booked the riding school for an hour on Monday and found out exactly how unfit I am right now , I managed just short of the hour, but was reaching the point of severe deterioration in riding technique.

Riding Merlyn, finally brave enough to take the phone out of my pocket!
I literally panted my whole way back up the lane at the end of hour...

Handsome horse with hay in his hair....

On the way home I downed two cans of our national diet Irn Bru to recover and decided I am going to have to take up running to get fitter for riding.

Masking fluid is definitely dry.

Back to the art now.


  1. Knew it was a bad idea that masking fluid...paper tear.

  2. Oops. Lovely pics of Merlyn though....:-)

  3. That one photo of your ride - when you said you were brave enough to take the phone out - is so gorgeous! I think I will have to learn to like Irn Bru just so I can someday live in your gorgeous country!!!! Merlyn is so lovely!

  4. Thaks Juliette! It's definitely an acquired taste, they start us on it young to make sure we don't reject it! My wee has called it 'Aam Boo' from far too early an age!
    He is lovely, I'll have to take more photos next time we are out!