Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wipe that stupid grin off your face...

I can't.

You see, we went out on a two hour hack at Craigengellan Estate yesterday.

I think the wind must have changed in the middle of one of the dozen or so canters that we had across fields and through woodland tracks, and that excitement and exhilaration got smacked onto my face so firmly that it it's here for at least the whole week.

The smile will not budge. My friends and I had such stupid grins on our faces on the drive back home, we probably looked like we were a more than a little drunk.

Tearing across fields on the back of a horse is surely up there as one of the most incredible things that you can experience in a lifetime. The fact that you can book in to do it all again whenever you like - or can afford to - is just odd, kind of like buying happiness of sorts. They say money can't do that, but I suspect any horse owner knows that this is not an entirely truthful fact.

I feel incredibly lucky to be comfortably off enough to afford this pleasure, if not a horse....although I will keep on buying the lottery tickets in hope.


  1. Sigh...what a wonderful post. Keep on grinning - totally understandable. Some day, and many lottery tickets later, I will live out my horsey dreams in your lovely country.

  2. Fantastic! When I first started my lessons 3 years ago, I made friends with an older, seasoned rider. A number of years ago, after giving up her career to raise her four children, she decided to get reacquainted with riding after a 20-year break. Her husband balked when she said she wanted to ride again and she wanted to own her own horse. Then she explained that it was cheaper than him having to pay for her therapy. She never heard another negative word from him about it and she believes that riding saved her marriage. The happiness that horses provide is absolutely priceless, in my mind. Giddy up! :-)

  3. Still grinning Juliette, think you are already there with the horsey dreams, of sorts!

    Wolfie, I met a man once who said he had finally agreed to his wife getting her horse after many years of her 'campaigning'.
    He now phones her on the way home from work and hears 'clip clop clip clop' in the background and heads happily to the pub to meet his friends for a few beers. Said although he has no interst in horses it is the best money they had ever spent and wished she had got him years earlier!

  4. Oh, what fun! We pinch and scrimp to keep our Harley, but he's put such a big smile on my face. Like you, I could use that lottery ticket, if only to be able to have our horse on our own property. I would definitely be grinning if I could walk out whenever I wanted to give him a pat and carrots!