Sunday, 27 November 2011

Riding out back pain?

A quick post on absence of late, which has been down to frantic activity on the business front. I spent around 5 weeks literally chained to my laptop, and my crumby posture and inability to notice when I need a break has given me more than a little lower back pain.

Thursday's half hour of trotting without stirrups did nothing to shake out the discomfort.  I had rather hoped that it would shoogle the need to visit my chiropractor right out of my spine. No such luck, my appointment on Wednesday is still in the diary. I look forward to being able to touch my toes again after that.

Good news is the business deadlines have eased enough to allow for a little more riding again, so it is time to make up some of that lost ground now, before it all freezes over,

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  1. Hope you have managed to get a few rides in!