Monday, 12 September 2011

Evolution of a Horse Painting: Part 2

Merlyn ( in progress painting) a.m.cairns 2011
I am at the easel this morning working working on my Merlyn painting, in light of some very high, gusty winds having made their way across the pond to our shores. It is a mostly puffed out version of one of the hurricanes that have been wreaking havoc in North America, but so far the only impact for me is no riding Merlyn today, as I am far too much of a fearty to get on board in wild and wet weather. We will probably have a few trees down later in the day, I would think.

So I am back at the house, listening to music and the howling wind and making good progress. It is coming together quicker than my previous paintings, so either I am getting more confident or is it just much easier when you know the horse well. You can kind of see his expression and very inch that you have groomed and groomed almost without of it without looking too hard at the frees me up a bit, very relaxing too.

I went along to the Braeface jumping yesterday, but Alison had opted out of taking part on Merlyn. She had around a million other things to do and knew too well that the round of jumping plus the prep and waiting around wipe out most of the day and leave her much too exhausted to tackle pressing non horsey matters.

All the same she and I popped along for a look to watch the some jumping. Super cute ponies (and kids) and extremely confident little riders, some as young as six getting ditched at a jump and bravely getting back on (with a bit of parental coercion, it must be said!). The event was vary laid back and fun rather than the seriously competitive with an audience of just the riders and families mostly. I was surprised to see that 'grown up' jumping started at just forty centimetres or sixteen inches to my American friends. You know that's not very high, I have started to think I would like to give it a go sometime.

I have never jumped a course or take part in any horsey events and I had some serious doubt about my ability to remember a jump course, but Ali assured me its not so hard,  that the jumps are set up so that he next jump is usually the easiest to get to. We walked the kids course so that I could see how it worked - you know I have a lousy memory for names, sequences and the like but my sense of direction and visual memory is not so bad and I think I could cope with eight jumps, maybe a few more.  The next event is in a couple of months so if I can get a in few jumping lessons on him, I might just be up for giving it a go.

Ali says the best thing about jumping Merlyn is he is dead honest.....I think I might call my painting that.

You can see it in his face, I hope.


  1. That is really turning out nicely. Merlin , while the name does suggest skill and craft, is such a beauty and nice to know he is true for the course
    We too got skipped over ( whew) for storms . Glad that the weather and knowing your subject so well, has rendered a piece of art so quickly.

    My sister and me did a little downed tree jumping today...was fun! You'd Like it, I think.

  2. The painting looks wonderful. I love your accounts of Merlyn. Don't know how you back off if you got it too dark as you say, in acrylics. I am scared of acrylics. Oils are so helpful for mess ups!

    I envy you and your music and easel and howling wind outside. The down side of owning three horses is the never ending work - windy days or not. Enjoy for me!

  3. I think you can see that Merlyn is dead honest. Lovely painting. You are more confident! I believe confidence has a domino effect.....if you are getting more confident in one area, the confidence spills over into another. Try jumping. :-)

  4. Thanks!

    KK Downed trees sounds fun, and great to have your sister to ride it with. Glad you got passed over, its all settled down here now :)

    Juliette, I have to start to work in oils don't I, but I am beginning to get more of s sense about how to play with the acrylics. I was completely baffled at first though, a lot of layers of paint on earlier paintings!

    Wolfie, you so right, it totally bleeds into other areas. Jumping is a coming for sure. Not sure if I could pass up the chance to try, just for the fun!