Sunday, 18 September 2011

Interior Design Diversion

A very left of field post here, rather than drawing any horses, yesterday I switched into Interior Designer mode and sketched ideas for a friends living room instead.

Yes, there really are no bounds to my creativity (!) or the rather there is no end to the things that I will do to avoid the mundane chores or much more important things on the 'to do' list. The world can fall apart around me (believe me this week it has been) but as long as the one in my head looks nice, we can all be fine....agreed?


  1. agreed...I can find so many diversions in my head! Great fun, interior design - I bet your friend was pleased.

  2. Very nice! I love diversions, myself. I like to think that I've elevated procrastination to a fine art...

    I've actually been admiring your work for some time. Do you ever do abstract or line work? I'm looking to get a new tattoo to honor my horse, but I'm falling flat on the design. I'm happy to contract the work out if you want to take up the challenge!

  3. Now that's an intersting proposition Shannon, a whole new type of creative diversion!

    Send me an email with a brief (size, place, ideas you like) and I'll sketch some ideas.

    If you like how they are shaping up I can list it on my Etsy for you....kind of try before you buy! You can email me through the contact page on my website, link is here.!contact-us

    This sounds fun!

    Juliette, my friend was delighted, I love putting a smile on peoples face :)

  4. that ceiling is beautiful! love the architecture! And one of the great intersections between horses and interior design is the ability to add "barn-like" elements to the home's structure (i.e., the split doors) or to decorate with an equestrian sensibility- like hunt scenes and horse-head bookends! great drawing- thanks for sharing! :) Corinna

  5. Designing a tattoo for Shannon?? How cool is that!

    Come have won an award. :-)