Monday, 10 October 2011

Horse Riding in all Seasons in Scotland

It has been a bit of a month for me behind the scenes here, and life has thrown me an interesting 'opportunity' and with it everything that seemed part of my normal life has been temporarily sucked up into a vortex of application forms, legals and business admin. None of this has anything to do with horses of course, or art, which is quite my point. It's just not the sort of stuff that I think any of you tune in for, so I went uncharacteristically 'quiet'. Me, the out and out blether I am........not a peep. SShhhhh!So, this is my backfill with photos post....

.....hello Merlyn! My last ride on Merlyn was weeks ago, he has had a cut leg ever since, but we will see each other again tomorrow. Such a sweet face when he is in a nice mood. I only ever take a photo after we ride, he is much less grumpy then....

....and it was, your absolutely typical Scottish miserable driech day.....tell me how are you supposed to find a horse in a field that you can't even see to the other side of?

......we could hardly see 20 feet infront of ourselves, frankly a little bit daft as we had no high vis gear on at all. I have mentioned before he is so black it is like a cloak of invisibilty.....big wet black ears and a mane blowing in the wild wind. And to think Ali called me a fair weather rider.... is the view from Merlyn's stable. Yes, I know, he is a lucky horse to live in bonny Scotland with a view like that. You are thinking "It even looks beautiful in the rain"....look out at it every day and your perception will start to change....

...aaah, now this is more like it, may you all have weather like this when you visit Scotland. Fantastic day.....a three hour hack at Craigengellan in glorious September sunshine the whole way....


....three hours is a long time....we go over the hills and far away

....gate locked......ah, which way now?

....if we could just bottle up the this even on the same planet as my earlier photo?

.....idyllic..... looking out over the water....

....on the road back home, all happy and tired....


.....last photo opportunities ...

......and home, big stretch Trio!

What a hack, but guess what, you guys are going to freak.......I never took a photo of the Minature Shetland mare and foal! Ooops. 


  1. What wonderful photos! Yes, the weather looks nasty at times, and then oh so lovely. I'd love to take a horseback vacation there!

  2. You are right...I am sitting here in my Pennsylvania chair thinking that ALL your photos - rain or sunshine look so perfect. I know now, with all the rain we had last month, that it is a mirage, but your view is happily devoid of grotesque power lines, and neon signs and loud engines and everything annoyingly suburban and un - bucolic.

    I hope Merlyn's leg heals quickly and your life of horses and art gets back to normalcy.

  3. great round-up of photos! And at least dreary weather like that gives you an excuse for a warming brandy in the evening (provided, of course, you have nothing productive that needs to be done!)

    your horses look great!

  4. The rain has been back with a vengence with us too!

    Juliette, I love that you have just expanded my vocabulary!

    Imel, come you would love it, pack your waterproofs though!

    Corinna, thanks! Glass of wine is on the cards tomorrow, I have been working much too hard all week!