Sunday, 24 April 2011

Call for photos

I am trawling around looking for good photos of horses for my artwork and growing a teeny bit frustrated by the constraints of the attribution licence. It has many benefits - such as allowing you to make derivative works from some lovely people's photos - but just that one little drawback in the world of painting which is the need to reference that it is based on a photo found on flickr creative commons.

Question: when is a credit stating ' Based on a photo by ...... at http:www.....' a good thing to put include in the title of a painting forevermore? 

And so, on that note, anyone who doesn't mind giving me permission to paint a horse from any of their blog photos, please do let me know...


  1. You already have a doodle of Gem....if you want to continue on with it, feel free!

  2. Feel free to use any of my photos!

  3. It would be an honor! Actually, I have a few that are better quality than those that are on my blog that you may be interested in. . .let me know if you are and I will email them to you.