Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bitter Chocolate finish

So it has been little and infrequent touches of the paintbrush this week but little by little my bigger piece of a grey horse is getting closer now. I sat by the fire tonight on the floor and mixed up a dark bitter chocolate paint mix of Burnt Umber and Phthalo Blue, and it looked good enough to eat.

Sitting on the floor a chocolate brown rug I carefully slicked it around the edge of the canvass all the way, a dark ribbon an sweet finish. I knew I wouldn't paint on until I was 'nearly done'. Like a nice pudding after a well earned dinner.

He is nearly ready to be varnished, but now I need to sit  in his company and wait to see what draws my eye, what calls me back to the canvas for just a touch more paint...patience, not to seal him as finished too soon!


  1. Are you letting the wet chocolate paint edges touch the carpet? If so, you are way more passionate that me! Wow - dedication to sacrifice you rug!

    I love burnt umber - always my go-to base.

    My favorite time is the "sit and stare" time right after a painting is finished. I have been known to put a painting in a room and then returning to the room all night long to stare again.

    You and your blog are inspiring me to get out the paints again - oh, no - when will I ever find the time in my horsey schedule?

  2. Ha chocolate brown paint on chocolate brown rug is okay, but my dining room table is already trashed. I am a bit impulsive, so sometimes forget to clean up until the acrylic is set!

    Still staring now, been on holiday for a week and I like him very much now I am back. There aren't any bits screaming at me, so I think he will be finished this week, if I can fit in the schedule.....yes, the schedule thing is always a problem, more so with your herd, I would imagine!