Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hacking out with the kids....sort of

I have been still working away on my painting in between life generally, working, riding, kids, you know the whole daily juggling act that goes on until before you know it a month has passed and you start writing the wrong dates on things because everyone else most be wrong it can't possibly be April.

The weather has picked up a treat here in the last week or two, bringing my kids, quite rightly, to press me to put down the paintbrush and come and enjoy the great outdoors with them. We were lucky enough to make the most of the glorious sunshine last weekend with a lengthy romp around the enviously large city park which is right on our doorstep.

If you can't live in he country with a horse, a park on this scale and your own two legs can serve you well. especially when a bit of imagination can turn your outing into a real hack on some fictitous ponies.

We trotted along here, my boy was on was on Ed, who got a bit carried away and cantered off with him.

We stopped for water here, thirsty work all this hacking out.....

My jodhpurs and riding boots (just add imagination or a sprinkling of fairy dust) while we stopped for a rest.

Anyway, my son realised that after we stopped at the river, he had forgotten to get back on Ed, so I guess kind of left him behind. Probably just as well we don't have a real one then.

On Thursday evening, I arrived at the stables a sleepy livery horse had his long dozy head out the door in the last of the daylight....8pm and still light.  The real delight awaits in a week or two when we will be able to return to the outdoor arena.

Nice lesson, nothing too strenuous as once again I opted for a confidence restorative riding experience on Pablo. I rode, he listened and the ugly need to berate myself for the full hour did not rear its head, leaving me with that lovely warm glow of just doing something you love. Wonderful!

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