Monday, 28 March 2011

Portrait of a sitting child.....what no horse?

This is somewhat off piste on my usual post, so apologies. If you have been following you will know I am working on a bigger horse painting at the moment, and I am not the sort who has a few paintings on the go at one time, I'd much rather give my creative energy and time to one piece, especially when working large. So as a little light touch creative detour I thought I'd introduce my Petite Ballerina -  my young daughter - doodled in a ruled note book in between ballet and swimming lessons at the weekend.

I doodle a lot like this, but haven't found a way yet to mesh it in with my horse art  so that it doesn't wind up looking like a piece of clip art! It will probably re-surface in some way or another as it comes very naturally to work in this way.

Next time I pick up a pen to sketch one of my kids I'll be sure to pop them on a horse so it's a little more relevant to my blog topic!


  1. I like it! She's a cutie. How did you add the colour - pen?

  2. Thanks Wolfie! The easy way...digitally.

    Super quick to do and you can change our mind about the colours as many times as you like. Suits whimsical types like me down to a tee!

  3. Lovely - I pop in horseless art now and again too on my blog. We are regular people after all, with kids and a few minutes each day without horses! LOL!

  4. Yup, I agree w/ Juliette. Besides we all know little girls and horses are intrinsically related. :-) I like the sketch very much.

  5. Thanks, Allison, yes they are linked aren't they? This little girl has been begging me to take her for riding lessons, as she knows her brother has been learning. Very matter of fact she says to me "I have still not learned.....when will I learn?"....and I think, "can you just be a little bit older than four, please?"

    Juliette, yes, our lives have more than just horse don’t they. How many times a day do we all think 'horse' though?