Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vegas style

As we left the stables yesterday, there was a girl in the outdoor school on her own horse, called Vegas. He was giving her a hard time - he looked to maybe have a little Arab in him - and we watched as he bolted and danced his way around around the school with her each time she reached down to tighten his girth, bucking as he went. After about the 3rd attempt I called her over to hold him over the fence so she could at least tighten his girth and have one less thing to worry about for her ride. She told me he had  been like that for weeks and that he kept galloping around the school with her. She said the words 'I'm fine' about five or six times but she was white as a sheet and I could hear fear in her throat and see it welling in her eyes as she spoke. She seemed at her wits end but bravely is putting herself back on him every day....what else can you do, when he is your horse?

I really felt for her, I wouldn't like to be in her predicament.  I really hope she an get him over that phase safely and soon.


  1. Scary. If the bucking only started a few weeks ago, I wonder if he has developed an ulcer and it hurts when the girth is tightened. Hope she gets it checked.

  2. I hope so too, I'll ask after her when I am next up at the stables later in the week. Not nice to watch, what a brave girl she was!