Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cantering in forward seat wobbles!

What a great lesson tonight, working on cantering in the forward seat or jumping position, as we call it here - I think they call it two point in the US?  Ringing in my ears are these words.... "heels down, keep your inside leg long, soften your knees, toes up, bottom further back" was like a loop, by the time I reached the end its was  back to the beginning for "heels down".

I have a bit of work to do here, but a great teacher.

As I queried my tipping forward with Kerry at the end of the lesson, I got such a precise pointer, it was magic..... totally at the crux of the matter as only a really great instructor seems to do: "your weight wasn't in the centre of the saddle" so we had a shifty around in walk  "nope, further back than that", cue me shifting back to what I think is the right place "nope, further still" before finally "that's it!"

Lightbulb moment:"Good grief, is that where I should have been?"


  1. I am still learning (do you ever stop??), and I love those lightbulb moments. :-) Have a good weekend.

  2. Hooray the forward seat lesson was really useful, as was out on hack today and lots of uphill cantering, I am having a great too!