Friday, 11 February 2011

Equine Art a Big Trend in 2011

I stumbled across a rash of interiors blogs and articles highlighting that Equine Art is the big trend of 2011.

It certainley seems to be a trend in my home right now, although I am not sure my presentation of them is at all what the article had in mind.

Right now, my house is littered with paintings of horses, framed and unframed, in a great big random creative guddle.I suspect if I hung them all, it might take things a little too far for my husbands tastes.

It is nice to see a little crossover between my horsey other professional interest - when I am  not painting ar riding horses I am an Interior Designer - and it did think maybe the horse art thing is a bit less 'niche' than it seems. You know me, I don't need a lot of encouragement to work on my horsey art as it is, but seeing this does actually gee me up a bit.....I feel a little creative weekend flurry coming on!

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