Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sam stands: Painting of a Thoroughbred started today

This is a new one I have just started....based on Sam, a beautiful sweet natured horse I loaned about 13 years ago.

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He was such a handsome fella, a 16 hand Chestnut Thoroughbred, a retired racehorse who was a little out of condition when I began riding him, but soon much too fit for the relative novice that I was. 

I adored Sam, until such time as I broke my arm jumping off him at a gallop. Then I still adored him but was in no fit state to ride even a bicycle for more than a year after. He passed a few years after our short dalliance.

I have no photos of him....not one. I guess I was too busy riding him to think of a camera, after all, no phone cameras back in the days! Although I don't have a picture, I do in my head, and having leafed through my books I found his horsey doppelganger and set to work adding some background in keeping with the Mugdock surroundings that I associate with the lovely Sam...

To Sam, you handsome big horse. I hope I can do you some justice with this one when I finish.....and I forgive you your love of the grass under your toes.x


  1. Perfect...absolutely lovely memory of Sam. How unfortunate about your arm - so glad you hold no hard feelings against him!

    I once painted a watercolor of my mother's chestnut Thoroughbred, Abby. I did have her photo to work from and many memories of almost breaking my arm. She never got me completely off, but I spent WAY too much time wrapped around her neck!

  2. I could never bear a grudge, he was too lovely. and not really his fault that he was taught to be so fast!

    I just remember how he would see me coming from a distance and always come right over. I think he just liked to be fussed over!

    I would love to see that painting, Juliette!