Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Drawing under the influence

I have always been quite malleable coming easily under the influence of other people  and things that I see or feel on a  day to day basis....it seems this has not changed.

Despite the fact that my intention was to work a portrait of a Clydesdale this week in a more realistic style,  instead I have found myself coming into the creative gravitational field of my creative friend Abi, as embarks on a new printmaking project

And so my creative tangent looks like this right now.

copyright EquineArtPortraits
Not sure where it is leading, but I have been going with the urge to work in pen and ink with just a colour wash. I am going to play around with this for a few days and I may yet get around to booking that induction at the print studio...

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  1. This is looking great, we'll make a printmaker out of you yet! Your drawings would make amazing etchings. Gravitational field - love it!