Thursday, 3 March 2011

Have are young but you will learn!


Flat work again tonight  and undeterred from last weeks disaster lesson, I surprised myself and requested Rocky, the handsome boy that deflated my ego by giving me the little horsey runaround last week.

We did lots of leg yields, bending and canter transitions in the most random and unexpected areas of the school  - basically wherever Kerry fancies to ask, as long as its nowhere near a corner or anywhere that said young horse might actually see it coming.

Well, let's say it was still not 'good', but a damn sight better than last week, which was a great relief.

He did canter, usually a few strides late, occasionally needing a wee bit of extra 'encouragement'  but he listened mostly, more to my left leg than right, the occasional scuffing of the outside of the school as I tried to push him in. I am staring to suspect I need a trip to my chiropractor and some physio to iron out a bit on general mid thirties wonkiness.... he is young, and he will learn, but I am old enough to know when I need some work to sort me out to improve my bending!

I am starting to wonder if  Kerry plans never to let us over another jump until we have wiped out our flat work bad habits. I think I am alright with that.

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