Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not enough hours in the day....light!

I was having a very hectic day at work yesterday, and met a colleague from our parent company who I know only a little. It was one of those crazy days and we both looked frazzled, but our visits to the coffee machine for extra strong shots of caffeine kept on co-inciding.

At our first 'ad-hoc*' meeting over the coffee machine we exchanged the usual 'not enough hours in the day' type of chat to meet our respective deadlines on our projects, hers a School Project, mine a University one, and so on.....

Our second 'chance encounter*' again at the coffee point led to my revelation that I liked to ride horses and hers that she owns a horse that she struggles to keep fit in the winter months due to our ridiculously short winter daylight hours....'not enough hours in the day', once again, but entirely a more interesting discussion.

Irish Sports Throroughbred gelding, and absolutely stunning boy. And I don't work Mondays or Fridays'....serendipity*? We agreed to pick up the opportunity to work collaboratively* on the exercising of her horse when we both have a minute in our day to catch breath

* strangely when I am not riding horses I can usually be found promoting innovative 'workplace design' planning offices  to encourage lots of 'ad-hoc meetings / chance encounters / serendipitous exchanges / collaborative working'' and so on but I will spare you horse lovers the detail of this aspect of my life! That said if it wasn't for the coffee point.....


  1. Wow, how great is that? Meeting her at the coffee machine was meant to be! Hope it works out for the two of you (and the horse, of course!).

  2. Isn't is? I am in tomorrow so will see where we get with that one....ha, yes, he might not like me! Clocks change soon too so her winter exercise problem might gallop off without me :)