Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Power of Etsy

Hooray to the people at Etsy for what they do...it is such a great 'vote with your views / favourites' set-up that you can use it to respond to what people are liking.

The blue face of Ice got favourited so I have revisited other arty things in the same theme. You know a few months back I might have not been sure where to start with arty projects, but it is amazing what the instant feedback that you can get on the web can do to spur on your creativity.

If you've not been to my Etsy, you'll find it here.

It'll be a bit of a mishmash for a while as I experiment with pieces and styles to see what catches other folks eyes...rather than just my own. I just have to remember what I am on there for and not go shopping mad at the same time.....or, maybe I'll indulge myself with one purchase a month,!

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