Saturday, 5 March 2011

I seem go be going through a phase where I want to draw and paint Grey's at the moment. I keep coming back to photos of one, Ice, from my stables up the road. He is a beautiful young horse, about 7 so still quite Grey and dappled. Sam on the other hand is older and almost white.

I am going to to have another try at acrylic work this week, and I think a monochrome piece might be the way to go. I still have trouble knowing what particular shade of a colour acrylic paint will dry at - I am a watercolour girl really - but I think that I could mix up a monochrome wheel and be consistent enough with re mixing it to get a decent result.

Anyway, I had a look in Flickr to give let Ice be this week I found this lovely horse as my new subject....

By celesteh on Flickr Creative Commons

Gorgeous horse, loads of detail, good light.....happy times!

On reflection, I think I would like a Grey of my own, and perhaps its just coming out in my art!

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