Friday, 14 January 2011

Jumping today

Today was a riding day, as I nicked up to the stables for a half hour private lesson, and had a small course set up in the school to work on jumping.

I coped with the 3 jump sequence so my instructor suggested I up it to 7 and to choose in advance which order and direction to the jumps in. Complete pandemonium ensued as I had not the faintest clue what I had decided is amazing how quickly your horse can sense uncertainty in your seat and we had a good lurching moment where my Pablo, sensing hesitation said "well if you cant make up your mind, I will"

Finished exhausted and had great fun, though, I just with I was 20 years younger, was utterly fearless and had a reasonable working short term memory! I might be getting a bit long in the tooth to master jumping courses to a good standard, but wont stop me trying. I just need lots more practise.

Oh, and perhaps a new memory....if anyone knows where I can get one of them

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