Monday, 24 January 2011

Monty, sketch of a horse in Watercolour

Horse Watercolour, Monty (in progress)
Copyright EquineArtPortraits

After a busy family weekend I am back to some Art, and its Monty this week. I love to ride this horse, he is fantastic fun and quite fast. He was my 'horse for the day' back in November (oh how I wish)  and I tacked him up and didn't notice his bridle was missing its flash .....that was a mistake, he really does need it, especially in winter.

I just photographed the painting wet, so there are some strange reflections going on, but sometimes a photograph taken while you are working is helpful.

He is a little too 'chocolate box' for my tastes, but I am experimenting with styles at the moment to see how people respond to them. I'll finish him off this evening and re post him when he is done....

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