Friday, 28 January 2011

Nervous energy

I think I was still a bundle of post riding nervous energy when I posted last night.

Thing is, Monty was really charging it towards the end as we neared the jumps.....what I would call the the 'oh dear god, don't let him change his mind whatever happens' approach to the jump.

It was only a cross pole, really not too high, and we were taking turns at twice around each.The first time he would be barely into a canter as we rounded the corner, we would have a nice sensible approach and a good jump, landing well. He would be great on the way around keeping a nice steady pace all the until he rounded the corner towards the jump for the second time and then absolutely tear at it, not at all collected, completely in the driving seat.....'hello Monty, outside rein here, can you feel me?'

It all worked out fine seeing as he jumped (and to be fair its not like him to refuse) but the wrong pace of approach is just the sort of thing which tips the balance of probability.

Not the kind of pace you would slide off gently at either.

More half halts on the way around might be worth a try next time, or back into a trot until the corner, maybe......just so long as it doesn't wind the lovely big boy up.

The Lovely Monty, Hazelden

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